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We care about your wellbeing...and because of that, we have made some changes.

To ensure your safety and health is a priority we have implemented Standard Operating Procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Come and enjoy a completely stressfree and safe experience at Mediterraneo Hotel & Restaurant.

We have you covered!

Please watch the video below and see our SOPs for more information on what has been put in place.



travel sure

To depart from Tanzania you may require a PCR COVID Negative test. Here are a few FAQs to help you.

NOTE: As of the 11th of August, The MoH has revised RT-PCR Covid Test to 50 USD instead of 100 USD, and Rapid Test shall now be free for travelers using ground borders/entry points. For travelers using airports, Rapid Test shall be charged at 10 USD instead of the 25 USD charged before. 

Where can I get tested?

Aga Khan Clinic or IST Clinic

open from Mon-Sat from 8 am to 11 am

How much does it cost?

180 USD at IST clinic and 150 USD at Aga Khan

The test itself is 100 USD and the rest is the hospital fee

How do I get there?

We can organize transfers for you it's about 25 USD return trip.

Waiting fees may apply

Where do I book for my test?

How long to get the results? and where do I get them?

Results take 48hrs max, results will be visible online under the government website

How can we help you?

We can help you with the whole process, from booking to printing your results.

We charge a total of 190 USD 

Tests will be done at Aga Khan. This includes the hospital fee, test, transport, and service fee.

You can pay us directly at the hotel or you can pay in advance and request for it to be added to your booking.


Please read through the Travel Advisory for all the information on entering and departing Tanzania.