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Established in 2002, our charming family-run hotel radiates with rustic warmth and classy comfort. 

Indian Ocean views and lush garden surroundings create a peaceful atmosphere. The popular full-service restaurant and bar offer Dar's best Mediterranean kitchen. The hotel contains 40 beautiful cottage-style rooms that are all distinctively decorated. All rooms are surrounded by rich gardens and nature creating a calm and relaxing feel. Mediterraneo takes pride in its experienced team, quality and efficiency.

Medi Staff-3
The Hotel View
Rooms in the Garden
Pizza Chef
The Hotel
The Team

Mediterraneo is all about its stunning location. The clean breeze and view of the Indian Ocean truly makes the hotel unique. The rich gardens around the hotel radiate nature that creates a peaceful feel where you can enjoy the beautiful sounds and sights of nature.

“Nothing beats the sound of the waves hitting the shore.”

“The rooms are spacious, cosy and creative.”

“The staff were very attentive and catered to all my needs.”

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